Pore Refining Pink Potion

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Pore perfecting pink potion is a combination of oceanic salts, botanical waters & and DMAE that helps soften the surface of the skin, absorb oil and firm skin. Giving the appearance of smaller pores. 

Dead Sea, Hawaiian Red & Pink Himalayan sea salts in a rose Hydrosol kissed by Hyaluronic acid to maintain skins hydration & moisture. Witch Hazel to help disinfect. Loaded with nutrients and minerals, this versatile toner will get rid of dirt, grime, bacteria, and pollution from your pores. The added bit of DMAE penetrates the skin easily, soaking into the lower layers of tissue quickly tightening pores while pumping and forming the skin.


The benefits of sea salt for the skin is endless and we humans have been using this magical oceanic gift forever toxin removal is what improves the skin circulation, enhancing that natural radiance. My magical pink potion is best suited for those looking to firm skin tighten pores and regulate sebum production (oil) and quickly. 

ingredients include rosewater, witch hazel, aloe vera, higher Lanik acid, DMAE, dead sea salt, Himalayan sea salt, Hawaiian sea salt ( alaea sea salt is infused with volcanic clay from the Red Sea) 


Shake Well Sediment is normal 


Apply with a cotton round mainly in TZONE area at night in the morning prior to applying make up. Use two times a day to achieve maximum results