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Customized body spray

Be unapologetically you with your very own personalized body spray. Full of glistening shimmers & micro fine (biodegradable) glitters Mix up your desired Concoction that’s completely YOUR scent with over 50 different essentials & absolute blends

You know you want My Body Spray

Awesome Product!

"I'm always excited to try new products from you. My bathroom is full of your products I don't use anything else on my face I'm so glad i found your line."


Fountain Of Youth Cream

Jen On our Fountain of youth cream

"I lovvveee this so much! When I'm out I'm getting a big jar."


Matcha madness

Okay guys I am beyond thrilled by the magic of the Matcha Detox Mud Mask... The picture below shows the difference in cystic acne pain and size in just 12 hours..I love this mask and ordering more as I am already running low on stock


Best sunscreen ever

I Love how my skin glistens in the sun. After 10hrs in the elements my sunscreen held true! 


RoseHemp moisture mask!

I cant believe a Clay mask was able to really moisturize my skin. Christal is a genius 


Cruelty Free Promise

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Full ingredient Transparancy

PinkBeauty products are HANDMADE with natural, "food grade", organic ingredients. I do Not use chemical laden heavy preservatives.

However I use precautions and sanitize all containers.

I use  organic/natural based preservatives two you'll find are:


LEUCIDAL LIQUID this is a radish root fermentation that increases shelf life of water based products. I use this in ALL products to ensure bacteria growth will be kept to a minimum. 

SODIUM BENZATE- a Sodium based food preservative naturally found in cranberries, prunes, cloves, apples etc. This is primarly used in clay masks containing a ingredient that will spoil quicker then most. 

It is HIGHLY suggested that all Pink Beauty products be kept in a cool dry place  out of direct sun light. Tighten all lids and watch for condensation.