All products are hand made by me, so they may have some slight imperfections. Certain colors, textures or consistency may change in time.  This in no way effects the quality I guarantee you. 

I do not use traditional chemical preservatives. I use a organic preservative called Leucidal liquid. This is a radish root fermentation that is used to extend the life of water based products. You’ll find this ingredient in all my clay masks, some face creams and my fruit scrubs. 

Processing orders can sometimes take up to 14 business days, during high sale times. I am a one woman ran company, I personally hand made each product to order as they come in to ensure you receive the freshest products possible. 

I do not accept returns or cancellations because once you place a order with me I am responsible for paying a percentage to Shopify. Therefore I do not do refunds or cancellations.  However I understand that things come up. I will only accept a order cancellation THE DAY ITS PLACED. I can not accept returns since these are organic products & time is against them. If you are not satisfied with your chosen products I will personally send you a replacement. 


PinkBeauty is not responsible for any persons use of products, nor any ones reactions to said products. Finished products have not been evaluated by the FDA (yes my ingredients are fda approved for cosmetic use this is in reference to the FINISHED product) Products are not intended to diagnosis, treat or cure diseases. I personally am a certified esthetician and I will give you my opinion on how to treat certain ailments however I am not a doctor there is always a risk using unknown products. This is why I list each & every ingredient with the benefits so you can do your own research. 


Xx Christal PinkBeauty