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Double Butter Whipped Soaps

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A cohesive blend of PinkBeauty’s double Shea Butter Soap whipped with handmade organic Castile soap (a mix of hempseed, coconut, lavender, olive & jojoba oils) to airy peeks of moldable soap! 

Designed to be used ALL OVER on all skin types. A gentle cleanser that leaves skin hydrated and soft, silky smooth with no tightening feeling from most detergent Leiden soaps. Can be used on the face to remove the day or The body. Can also be used as a creamy shampoo & to get a close moisturizing shave.

you choose scent 

Keep in mind dears all my products are made in small batches & I have a few pre made soa bases, If your Looking for a specific mix of scents, colors & soap bases? I’m always open to custom orders! Email or DM On Instagram @pinkbeauty_organicskincare


All natural organic ingredients

Hand crafted Castile soap Created to give the heavier soap some air! A lighter liquid soap base whipped into a semi solid soap base gives my soap a smooth soft texture. The ingredients are  purified water, coconut oil , *potassium hydroxide,  olive oil,  Hempseed oil, jojoba oil,lavender oil, citric acid, *sodium chloride   *none remains after saponifying oils into Glycerin 

Shea Butter Soap:  High concentration of unrefined Shea Butter, coconut oil, Glycerin  & palm oil  to soften the skin. A soft gentle cleanser that’s safe for all skin types, Faces or Bootys! I personally have used this for years & my household loves the silky smooth feeling it leaves behind- rather then that tightness from harsher detergent soaps. saponified with high quality organic lye & purified waters 

Vitamin E - adds softness to the skin, helps to heal wounds & scaring.  Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant making it effective on skin that has been damaged by the sun- also protecting it from harmful free radicals! 

Lavender EO-a true to nature scented distilled oil fabulous for all skin types 


It is not at all unusual that your whipped soap either hardens, softens or looses some of its FLUFF! Shipping does numbers on organic ingredients! Simply re-whip & your good to go. If it is in any way inadequate please contact me

All PinkBeauty products are handmade from natural organic or organically sourced ingredients that have not been tested on animals. I do not use heavy preservatives in my products yet potassium sorbate & leucidal liquid has been used to extend shelf life. Please As with all organic materials keep free from excessive water & condensation must be whipped free. Store out of direct sunlight  

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review