Rose and Aloe Hydrating Mist

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Brilliant Dewy, hydrated skin is possible at any age. Adding a perfectly balanced toner to your skincare routine can help on so many levels. 

PinkBeauty Rosewater is singly distilled which allows for the highest retention of pure rose oils. I make the Rosewater from multiple rose breeds ensuring you the best natural Rose Scent.  

Rosewater is known to reduce redness and pore appearance, it thoroughly cleans the skin, balances pH levels which diminishes oiliness and breakouts, it moisturizes the skin and is the best anti-aging ingredient ever. 

The addition of my distilled Aloe Vera waters treats acne breakouts, burns & dry skin. Its anti inflammatory and full of skin protecting enzymes & antioxidants. Aloe Vera contains a multitude of vitamins including A (retinol) and C- known to brighten and reduce scaring. 

When choosing between my different Rosewater blends ask yourself what your looking to accomplish! This blend is extremely hydrating, moisturizing and as mentioned helps reduce scaring & texture. 

The vegetable Glycerin helps to draw the waters deeper into multiple layers of the skin and provides a protective barrier 

Only handpicked home grown botanicals are used to create this product 

I have added leucidal liquid, Glycerin & citric acid to e tend shelf life