Resurfacing Serum

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This by description is a Chemical Peel. A calculated blend of Lactic Acid, Retinol & Salicylic Acid that chemically exfoliates the skin.  Sounds much scarier then it actually is. Chemical exfoliators just like physical exfoliants remove dead skin cells and other debris, helping speed cell turnover, so they can leave your skin fresher, brighter, and clearer, with minimized pores and a smoother surface. With a controlled balance of skin repairing acids and healing aloe & rosewater this serum can remove dead skin cells, encourage skin to repair itself & replenish moisture loss. 

All skin types can benefit from exfoliating. Removing the debris that we naturally build up over the day prevents breakouts and reduces chances of developing deep set lines. Retinol is reparative and is widely used for acne prone skin, oily skin and aging skin. 


Before purchase I do need to leave a warning & strict directions, the last thing you want is a chemical burn from over use. Believe me, I’ve tested this serum at all strength levels & have scars to prove it. However I think this blend, how it was made, really makes a difference on the harshness of the serum.  

First & foremost if you KNOW you have sensitive skin please email me PRIOR to purchasing. 
You’d use the serum as a spot treatment or a full face peel. Either way apply a pea sized amount of serum on each cheek, massage into the skin avoiding the direct under eye.  (You can apply a thin layer on lids & undereye as long as the serum does not tingle, burn or bite) That is what your looking for. Not all people will feel the tingle. There is no need to rinse the serum it will absorb and be neutralized by the aloe.  
This is a 2 times a week type serum. with 1 day of physical exfoliation 

Read Below the list of Natural ingredients & how individually they benefit your skin. 

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All PinkBeauty products are handmade all natural and organic. Some changes in the formulation labels the color or texture may take place but in no way effect the products Integrity.  I am constantly learning and growing, perfecting products I already have . So check back here for any product updates/upgrades or email me