Pumpkin Pie Butter Scrub

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The exact ingredients as the body butter with ADDITIONAL EXFOLIATORS 

A full face and body buttery sugar scrub that smells incredible. Sweetness from the honey brown and raw sugars along with the “pumpkin pie” spices screams FALL! 
I love using scrubs but they can’t just be oils & sugar, my scrubs have to have a benefit more then softening skin.  The pumpkin in this scrub has Alpha-Hydroxy Acids, Fruit enzymes and Vitamin C to help reduce aging signs but to stimulate skin cells into a faster cell turnaround, meaning fresh beautiful skin all the time. Exfoliation is absolutely key to maintain a soft appearance, especially if your a makeup wearer. I leave mine in the shower as I’m working on some scars and cellulite (life) on my legs & midsection. 

Individual ingredients & benefits SOON I ONLY use organic, organically derived and natural ingredients 

PUMPKIN (puréed)