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Peppermint Hemp Bar Soap

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A bubbly cold process soap cured months on end to harden this butter soap (the more butters & oils the longer it has to sit) 

Peppermint & Spearmint oil adorned a pot of Shea butter with coconut oil and hemp seed oil

I swapped Aloe for the water to add to the skins moisture adaption  we want our skin to hold onto water and aloe helps skin retain moisture


Benefits of the ingredients: 

Hemp seed oil: softens skin, prevents wrinkles and acne breakouts. This fast absorbing oil cleans the skin deep down into the pores removing any and all dead skin, dirt, makeup.

Coconut oil- a base to most soaps because it can clean the skin with out stripping it. Softens and suds nicely 

Shea butter- a super soft moisturizing butter that absorbs and moisturizes the skin. It’s also known to soften the skin assisting its moisture retention. 

Olive oil- A thick oil that penetrates deeply cleans the skin and adds moisture   

Sodium hydroxide, titanium dioxide, sorbitol (softener) mica for color 

will not disrupt skins microbiome 


ALL PINKBEAUTY PRODUCTS ARE HANDMADE IN HOUSE, Some slight variations may occur but noting will stand in the way of quality   I never send anything I wouldn’t be proud to receive  xx Christal email me with any questions regarding soap making process