PearApple Fusion BUNDLE

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This delightfully delicious Pear meets Apples Fusion is now IN A BUNDLE 

3xs the PearApple 100xs happier! I guarantee it      
This Trio Consists of : 

Bubbling Butter Scrub a tribrid of beauty and imagination. A Sugar Scrub + Body butter + Honey Soap + Real Fruit extracts = heaven.  Cleanse Exfoliate + Moisturize  

Glow Butter a fierce contender for your soon to be favorites list. mica infused butter & oils whipped to a air filled perfection. This compact body butter is more cream like as it provides hydration and moisture.  Leaving your skin glowing gently enough to catch the light; reflecting a flawless radiant appearance. The more you use it the more even your skins tone & texture will improve.  These ingredients  are proven to heal, reduce redness, hyperpigmentation & reduce elasticity loss  


Lastly A Bottle of MY Body Mist. A moisturizing body spray with a touch more GLOW then the butter accompanied by a longer lasting scent.  Made from hand distilled floral waters moisturizing oils & fruit extracts, this spray will be so delightful you’ll want to create your own as you can HERE. Fully customizable to YOUR FAVORITE SCENTS & COLORS. 




You can see each items individual ingredients 






As always all PinkBeauty Products are made by hand in extremely small batches, customizable & forever growing.  I only use naturally created, truly organic ingredients. Therefore color, texture and even ingredients may fluctuate however never breaking the products  Integrity