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Pearl infused botanical eyeshadow

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Pearl infused botanical eyeshadow- organic, natural options that actually enhance skins tone 

They are individually listed colors/shades that you can see when you scroll through the photos. There are several photos of each color in different lighting.  Tap on the photo & scroll through  the pull down tab has the names & photo of the color  but any questions or concerns email me

All of the shadows and highlighters are made from the same base with different color micas or oxides, fluorescent or ultraviolet pigments. Just more or less dependent upon the “color”. I have a few mattes (purple brown & green) that have 0 shimmer.  The majority is pearly shimmery sparkly shadows.   

They are all a base of real Pearl powder, mica, botanical extracts of marshmallow root, calendula & sun flower. With touch of Rose petal powder (that’s it’s scent) a bit of kaolin both Rose & China white and Allantion (comfrey) extracts to prevent skin irritation  Ive also added Bamboo silica extract soft makes application a breeze. it also strengthens your skins protective barrier by locking in moisture. It supports the synthesis of Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), which prevents moisture loss. This means healthy skin that's both supple and radiance Lasts hours over concealer, foundation, primer or even bare skin (the brighter colors are more pigmented & could stain bare skin I’d advise something underneath)  


insta influencers looks: @beauty_by_say using woodland green @skinkrrn wearing prettiest purple & it was all yellow @bloodamdbeauty_ using royals blue & prettiest purple or my own 

 Real Pearl Powder - a super soft white powder that brightens the skin.  pearl contains Amino acids. These are building blocks of protein are essential for our bodies to function properly. They stimulate skin cells to regenerate faster giving new fresh skin that’s more radiant 

Allantion - softens the skin & prevents irritation

Rose petal powder - reduces redness & is full of antioxidants that protect skin   

botanical extracts in a liquid form (calendula, sunflower Rose & marshmallow root) these three are known mainly as protectors of inflammation & helps skin maintain youthful appearance

Rose Kaolin Clay - great as a clay but in here it’s just to add lightness to the shades

Kaolin clay - same as the Rose Clay  it’s a mineral therefore great for your skin, helps lighten skins tone & redness 

Titanium Dioxide used to make the shade opaque 

Magnesium myristrate used to keep the shade in place 

Mica  - makes up most of the shade the most color etc 

Oxides - adds a opaque or matte color to the shade 

CX Max - sercite mica & carnuba wax adds silky softnsss 

 Bamboo silica -adds a softer texture makes application easy  

All PinkBeauty products are handmade & thus may have flaws especially on the labeling or jars may change unexpectedly   This will never ruin the integrity of said item