Hydrate, Balance, Restore Ginseng infused Serum

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A cunning blend of Rose Oils, Carrot seed, Squalane, Moringa oil & ginseng extract makes this Serum/Superfood one of the most beneficial serums in my collection. The combo instantly absorbs into the skin leaving behind no “oily” or “greasy” feel. Simply Giving you Instant softness & a natural glow. A all in one anti aging, skin balancing, texture reducing serum that’ll hydrate thirsty skin. Reduce oil production in oily skin, Heal acne and reduce scaring!  
customers are loving it! 


Its ingredients & their individual benefits! 

skin care, GINSENG is prized as an anti-aging ingredient because it has so many phytonutrients, and because it helps tone and brighten skin. Ginseng root extract is a great addition to this serum because It prevents aging, maintains the skin's elasticity, lengthens the lifespan of skin cells, is an antioxidant, activities the skin, and prevents the skin's cells from aging. 

Rose hip oil is known for its anti aging regenerative properties. It helps reduce scars and fine lines. Rose hip oil is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, which are integral for tissue and cell regeneration in the skin. It's no wonder that the oil has long been used as a folk remedy for wound healing, as well as the reduction of scars and fine lines.

Carrot seed oil  is rich in beta carotene, vitamins A and E and pro-vitamin A. Carrot Seed Oil helps to heal dry, chapped and cracked skin & balances the moisture in skin.It’s benefits are vast & include antifungal, antibacterial and anticancer qualities, due to the bioflavonoids it contains. Because of its antioxidant content, carrot seed oil is an ingredient in a natural sunscreen product and may offer some sun protection, as well as skin-repairing to dry and damaged skin.

Squalene is used in this serum to “balance the skin”. The way that it balances oil production, provides  just enough moisture to keep the skin clear and healthy. Squalane oil also has powerful anti-aging properties and will help the skin age gracefully as well as anti-inflammatory benefits to help with skin conditions such as acne and eczema.  Squalane oil is hydrating, soothing, non-irritating and non-comedogenic. Squalane oil is suitable for ALL skin types, from dry to sensitive to oily and acne-prone.

Moringa oilIt has skin healthy nutrients like vitamin A, which helps build collagen in the skin, vitamin C to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and the healing and anti-inflammatory benefits of vitamin E. It has 90 nutrients and has 9 essential amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, chlorophyll and anti-inflammatory substances.  It can remove fine lines and wrinkles without irritating soft skin.



ALL PINKBEAUTY products are HANDMADE by me, with certified organic ingredients. Home grown botanicals. As with all organic ingredients it is suggested to keep out of direct sunlight to ensure shelf life will be as long as possible.