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Plumping lip gloss Hyaluronic acid infused

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These lippies took me a minute to get right. It took around 6 months to fully correct this formula and I know you’ll be pleased.  Light & silky gloss with 2parts Hyaluronic acid — which plumps instantly. It gives the skin of your lips a fullness and tons of moisture.  

I created 4 colors up front. These spicy pluming agents comes from cinnamon & cayenne oil. That’ll get your lips full! It doesn’t hurt it’s just the right amount of sting 🐝 for maybe 🤔 2 seconds then PLUMPED full, luscious lips ! 

I use pre made Organic version of “Versa gel” blended with hemp seed oil, cinnamon oil, mct oil & cayenne oil to further plump up & moisturize the lips. 


If you have a color in mind EMAIL ME  

All PinkBeauty products are hand made in small batches. Makeup & skincare is not mandated by the fda instead all ingredients are certified organic The packaging and color may be off from one to the next but that’s just because it’s handmade 😂. Looking for something but can’t find it? Just ask I can make almost anything skincare/facial related