Fit for a Queen Rose Bath

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Fit for a Queen Rose Bath.  Contains ingredients to sooth the skin a nice safe exfoliation for sensitive skin 

Roses beauty benefits are incredibly endless. Redness disappears, dark spots lightened, acne breakouts reduced, you name it. Combined with Alaea Sea Salt ( a Hawaiian salt bathed in volcanic clay) which penetrates deep into the pores without scratching the crud out of your face. You can use her from head to toe! 

Apply to damp skin and massage in circular motions, until product is absorbed. Rinse off but don’t wipe away the oily just yet. The MCT Oil & Calendula infused Sunflower work time soften skins surface. 

The triad of salt is to achieve all the benefits from different seas. You see;  alaea salt is found in Hawaii and it’s iron and algae rich. The Dead Sea Salt helps to strengthens skin tissue, improve blood circulation, eliminate toxins and balance the skin's natural pH levels. The Dead Sea, a salt lake located between Jordan, Israel and Palestine Pure Dead Sea salt is very high in sulfur, which has been proven to work as a powerful cleanser used to treat and prevent blemishes and reduce and soothe skin inflammation. Various studies have also proven that Dead Sea salt has tremendous healing effects on psoriasis   Amazing Right? 

All the ingredients in my products mean something they do something extraordinary for the skin & it’s repair 

You can use this from head to toe.  I suggest start with body, Epsom salt can sometimes give the skin a tingling feeling. If your ok with the bod move to face & neck area. Suggestion: go in circular upwards motion. 





All PinkBeauty Products are hand made by me to order. I only use organic ingredients. If you have a question please email me.