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Cream Blush Rose & Hibiscus

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A mango and hemp seed oil blend with hibiscus petals and rose petals. It’s exceptional, look at that color that suits all skin tones because she can be layered up or buffed into the cheek. 

I call it the Perfect Rosy Cheek because I believe this whipped blush assists all skin types as well as making them look fabulous. Carrot seed oil has over 40 natural spf along with the many other antioxidants from the roses and hibiscus petals. Rose helps to prevent redness and hibiscus is known as “natural Botox “ in its ability to lift & firm the skin.  

APPLYING is easy. Use fingers or buff in with a Blush brush it apples so nicely with a blush brush or contouring brush 

Youll maintain the perfect color throughout the day without weighing down the skin. The butters and oils are non comedogenic so no worries about clogged pores. And I only use natural organic ingredients to create it. To me, there is no reason not to buy it! 




Mango seed butter, hemp seed oil, apricot seed oil, hibiscus petals and rose petals to color 100% natural beauty