Exfoliating daily Facial Sponge

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I recently purchased something I feel would be very beneficial to have in my shop. Compressed facial sponges made from a compostable & recyclable material called Polyvinyl Alcohol.  (Learn more about it below) 

PinkBeauty’s facial sponge pads help gently remove face and body products without leaving a residue. Just moisten the sponge before use and lightly glide over skin on the face (or body) to completely remove masks, cleansers, peels and more.    
These sponges are soft enough for sensitive skin and dry quickly to prevent bacterial growth. Reuseable and machine washable, a set of two sponges lasts an average of six to eight months.

    As we know, The exfoliation process is crucial to a proper facial, and our professional exfoliating cleansing sponges help you provide a gentle, deep cleanse. They are very essential for facials, skin cleaning, makeup removal, applicable to liquid foundation, foundation cream, and can also used as blending sponges.

    It expands in water and turns from a long stick to a round 3 inch Diameter facial sponge.

    It's ultra-fine tiny porous surface is soft and gentle on the skin, great for anyone who has sensitive skin. They also successfully help to maintain pH levels  
    OVER EXFOLIATING is a thing. So fully  wetting the sponge will make it silky soft, great for daily use. If the sponge is not FULLy wet you’ll experience a deeper exfoliation. THIS is only suggested (by me & a great # of others) to exfoliate 2xs a week; sometimes 3 depending on your skin type. If you are unaware of your skin type I’m always available for a free consultation. 
    HOW TO USE & Care :

    For personal use, replace every 4-6 weeks.

    • Soak sponge with water until it expands to full size.
    • Apply facial cleanser to sponge.Press the sponge several times to expel any excess water before using.
    • Gently massage face with sponge in circular motions.
    • After each use,rinse and wring out the water.
    • Allow sponge to air dry and store in a cool, dry place.



    Made from Synthetic Cellulose Material

    PVA sponge is a synthetic sponge essentially composed of Polyvinyl Alcohol. It is an open-celled, highly absorbent tiny porous material. PVA facial sponges' finer pores give it a soft silky texture. It is compressible when dry, expandable when wet, has high tensile strength, good elongation and excellent resistance to most chemicals.