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Hi loves, thank you for your interest in my baby brand. I’m looking for honest, clean beauty knowledgeable girls or guys who have done skincare reviews before. Even if it’s one, I love watching pages grow. So I don’t judge you upon your numbers but your engagement with your other artists/reviewers/brands. Engagement is very important to me, staying in touch with possible clients on a somewhat regular- non annoyingly amount of time. 

with this you can add any other items and during checkout you’ll enter the code Pinkpr50 to get 1/2 off ANYTHING ELSE you add to your basket. 

all I do ask is you post at a minimum of 3 times per month. I’ll always keep you up dated.  I’m a very open and honest person who enjoys to involve my ambassadors input.   

Christal Aberle  Owner/Operator PinkBeauty Organic Skincare