Shelf life of organic skincare

Please, Keep in mind that ALL P!nk Beauty products are HANDMADE with natural, food grade, organic ingredients. I do Not use chemical laden heavy preservatives.


However I use precautions and sanitize all containers prior to use. I use a organic preservative called LEUCIDAL LIQUID SF this extra strength formula is a radish root fermentation that increases shelf life of water based products. I use this in ALL products to ensure bacteria growth will be kept to a minimum.  


All clay masks & jared creams come with a pink spatula to remove product without using fingers.


The key is SCENT. If a product smells dramatically different (Like rancid play dough, crayons, Sea weed can smell STRONG like swampy, Cambrian clay has a deep iron scent) 


How to store each type of product:

All mud masks especially should be kept in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Constant temperature Changes with the use of fingers being dipped into the products could cause bacteria to form. 

I suggest using a spatula or brush to apply your mud masks. 


Floral Sprays and Toners have approximately 6-12 month shelf life. 


Serums have a 8-12 month shelf life. 


Beauty Oils Last a long time, up to 2 years depending on the oil. Some settling or minor separation may occur. Shaking the product will eliminate that. If it SMELLS rancid or like crayons or play dough- ditch it! 


Certain face & body Creams have 8-12 month shelf life. These too have a variety of different floral distillates & waters, Bacteria from hands and fingers could possibly transfer to the cream. Please keep lids tight and moisture free. 


Body butters will not expire but may separate if constantly changing temperatures.


Body Scrubs especially those that contain Real Fruit could also expire before their expected shelf life if to much water is transferred and trapped inside. Simply removing the water after use will keep your whipped butter scrubs fresh for up to 8 -12 months 


Soaps Do not expire but may change color. 


Basically Keep all your P!nk Beauty products in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight, care for them as you would any Natural Earthly given products and you’ll be able to enjoy them for that much longer. 


If you should have any questions feel free to reach out to me


Christal P!B