I would Love to be in Your Brands Beauty Box – PinkBeauty Organic Skincare

I would Love to be in Your Brands Beauty Box

Oh yes I do. Over the last two years I have worked with several well known Natural/Organic/Skincare related boxes.  Small orders and large orders accepted.  I typically only charge cost (what it costs me to buy materials) and Shipping. I understand that having my products in peoples beauty boxes opens doors, its advertising and beneficial to both parties. I have filled orders as huge as 200+ pieces and as small as a dozen RoseWater's   Custom orders are always fun. Creating something specific and exclusive to only your brand.

To Order Simply email me the specs and together we will find a reasonable rate for the both of us. 

I would love to do charity work yet I am a one woman show who makes less then cost per item. Id love to but, not yet. 


The Following is NOT typical yet i thought showing how hard I work for my clients happiness. 


GOFUNDME explains how a corporate giant FEDEX ruined my $500 shipment and wont claim fault. Therefore I must beg for help from My loyal cosmetics industry