GoFundMe Information Please Read

Hi there my dears, it’s with a heavy heart that I ask of you to assist me in our time of need. I hate that I’ve resorted to this but, I have no more fight left. These last few weeks; like the Entire world has been pretty awful. Late March my husband (the 2-3 job working sole income for a family of 4) well he contracted the virus before it was mandatory for companies to provide ppe. He is a Essential worker as a manager at FedEx & worked a instillation company during the day. 

We have had income in close to 6 weeks. We have been fighting with the state that denied him unemployment. And the PUA Cares act and all the other promises my state made is not available to him —-> file disability they say—> disability says you should qualify for unemployment benefits too. 

I tell you this because one, I’m a independently owned and operated handmade company. It’s just me so my family’s “issues” effect my brand. 

I thankfully in the beginning of March landed a awesome wholesale order. Being as small as I am (like 2-3 maybe orders a week) being in a beautybox opens doors for me. So her $500 order of over 200 items actually cost me around $700 to make never mind labor. 

I shipped out the products packaged by myself & my husband the FedEx employee.  Evenly spread apart with bubble wrap & cardboard reinforcements (because i was shipping a liquid ish type of hair products) i was sure to instruct on the box to handle w care & this side up.   I bawled hard when I seen the damage caused by the FedEx employee’s. 

The box was delivered open, scarcely tapped and on its side.  My customer had no choice but to refuse it. They were then shipping it back to me. This was on 420. To date I have only received 30 or so items out of over 200. 

I can’t understand why FedEx is denying my claim. This was negligence on their part.  I took precautions.   It had to have traveled through several people’s hands /EYES even if it was leaking. They should have flagged it & returned to me. NOT delivered open.  
this is how my bottles go out 

I’m hoping you all can open your hearts and donate to my gofundme to pay back my customer. My family is down to around 100$ and we don’t have any income right now so we can’t pay her. Her money was spent. I didn’t even have the chance to fix this mishap because again I only have 30 items. 


If you want something in return for your donation please order something & if not please share for $5