Body Butters

A collection of skin smoothing light and airy buttery creams deemed Body Butters. However, most of mine are made with Non Comedogenic {Won’t clog pores} so they can be used any where including your face  

They all melt the instant they touch your skin. These are not your simple “coconut oil/Shea butter” body butters. Each organic ingredient is chosen with direct intention to either cure, help heal, soften skin or help reduce signs of aging. 

Body butters contain NO WATERS these are oil & butter based only so they do not have a expiration date. Change in temperature can change consistency only.  

I am equipped with several scent blends, Essential oils and extracts. I DO NOT USE FRAGRANCE OILS as these can contain a alcohol content I am not comfortable with. All scents are derived from the flower itself (absolute oils) Distilled oils or blends of several property blends.


If you are looking for a certain scent that I do not carry please don’t hesitate to reach out & ask I love creating Custom products 

The majority of body butters have a similar base of Mango butter, Shea butter, Coconut oil, Cocoa Butter or Kokum Butter. Then blended with several different carrier oils to achieve the creams specific intention. 


To Customize a Scent Blend email me