Body Creams & Butters

A collection of skin smoothing light and airy, silky & smooth body creams.  The oils only “butters” are not suggested for the face   However, most of mine are made with Non Comedogenic {Won’t clog pores} so they can be used any where including your face  

They all melt the instant they touch your skin. These are not your simple “coconut oil/Shea butter” body butters flooded with “perfumes & unidentifiable fragrances” Each organic ingredient is chosen with direct intention to either cure, help heal, soften skin or help reduce signs of aging. 

I am equipped with several scent blends, EO v FO blends, a multitude of Essential oils and botanical extracts. All scents are derived from the flower itself (absolute oils) Distilled oils or blends of several property blends.  

If you are looking for a certain scent that I do not carry please don’t hesitate to reach out & ask I love creating Custom productS

To Customize a Scent Blend email me pinkbeautyorganicskincare@gmail.