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Botanical Toners

In this section you’ll find several forms of Hydrosol. Aka botanical or floral waters.  I have a makeshift distiller that gives me the clearest most pure form of floral water. It’s a full spectrum & oil rich as it’s only single distilled! have several types of Hydrosol for all skin types! If you are unaware what you need simply fill out the contact form email or message me down below. Currently the most popular Hydrosol is Rosewater. If balances pH levels. But!!!! These hydrosols can be used for more then a pretty facial mist. These powerful antioxidant fueled waters can be used as a pH Balancing toner, primer & setting spray, mid day refresh & re-hydrate as well as Taming frizzy hair (promoting growth) and as a pillow or room spray. 

Choose from our ever popular Rosewater, Rose & Aloe blend, MSM/Aloe & Rosewater, Lavender water, Raspberry leaf, Hibiscus, Hibiscus Lavender Rose, Calendula and soon Cucumber mint.  


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