Beauty tools

I’m a firm believe in the power of crystals so rightfully so I had to outsource a Rose Quartz Crystal Facial Roller.  Massaging the face is a important part of any skin treatment. Wether it’s with the fingers or a specific tool.  

Many claim that using Rose Quartz to massage serums into the skin help to improve the blood circulation. When the blood is brought to the surface of the skin incredible things happen.  Collagen production is increased skin appeared tighter. Pores less visible, lines and wrinkles diminish and the youthful “pink” glow starts to appear.


You can also achieve this brilliance with a gentle exfoliation from the loofah pad.  Simply add your favorite cleanser and rub into skin in a circular upward motion.


Dermarolling is another way to get lasting results. These micro needles penetrate the outer most layers of the skin, triggering the healing process. During this rush of blood cells collagen is rebuilt. Skins appearance becomes less textured & pores are reduced. This is the system that gives longer lasting results. This is NOT intended for those with sensitive skin as the microneedles literally poke the skin & it could hurt.